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Centre Carpet company holds a legacy in Mats making and we can make the mats in your designs and size.
And we provides a long lasting business relationship with clients.
So lets make your door step shines.

Mats in your Favorite designs 

Personalized doormats allow our customers to express themselves the way they want to. Door mats for an entrance is the first step to create an impression of yourself and you would want to put your best foot forward. Hence, choose from our whole line of personalized mats that allow you to put name or initials on it. Centre Carpet also offers custom logo doormats in which you can put a logo on it.
Rubberized Mats Rubberized mats are one of the most commonly used mats in most every places, its bristle coir is fixed into high quality natural black rubber latex, that gives it high tensile strength and anti slippery property. Its some what resistant to moisture and almost any weather, It can be supplied in long rolls according to the measurement or can be cut into ant shapes according to your room or door steps. And we can also print any logo, names or designs into these mats that make then best quality personalized mats.