Centre Carpets Presents exclusive variety of rubber mats, which is made with high quality natural rubber latex from Hevea brasiliensis, latex is tapped then treated to give high tensile strength , we also provide synthetic polymer mats, which suitable in any  moisture condition and can provide natural grip too.
* Rubber Pin Mats
* RUBBER Hollow Mats
* Rubber Iron Mats
* Poly Mats

Rubber Pin Mat

Pin Mats are one of the best door mats that provides excellent grip during rainy season or snow.

Hollow Mat

Hollow mats are best suited in vehicle; Bus flooring and its also an excellent choice as door mats, the plus point of hollow mats is they can be easily cleaned.

Rubber Iron Mat

Its one of the designer mat made with rubber and which usually have elegant design & with durability.

Poly Mat

The are soft colorful mats which is best suited with room paintings or curtains.
That provides your decors attractive and back is rubberized.


They are polymer mats with high cushion property & durability.